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Your Business Application Made Easy

Instagile is a rapid application development product providing 
maintainable and scalable software solutions.

By simplifying the software development process, Instagile provides an effective and affordable means of replacing legacy datasets and rapidly developing high-quality, Microsoft compatible solutions.

Over the course of many years in developing custom solutions,
the creators of Instagile
(Agile Computing Pty Ltd)
have refined the suite of tools and products they use, and gathered them into an offering unrivalled in the current market...

one that lets you try before you buy!

Why is Instagile good for you? 

Many people know when they need to update their business software but get stuck on the decision as to whether to speak to someone about designing custom software or buying something off-the-shelf.


  • Custom software seems expensive; cumbersome and has an end product you can't test upfront.

  • Off-The-Shelf is quicker to set up but is restrictive in the functions it offers (either too many or not enough or just not
    the right ones) and, again, you don't really know if it is going
    to be right for your business until you have bought it. 

Instagile is sold as a package product that you can trial for free.
If you like the way it works then we will customise for your specific needs. Plus, it can be extended at anytime so it will grow with your business. You will be using your new software as quickly as if you purchased off-the-shelf but will have something configured exactly to your needs. 
It is a Microsoft application that any Microsoft developer can maintain. No lock in contracts. 


Quite frankly, this has taken years to develop but was definitely worth the effort. 

Contact us now to ask about setting up a trial. We're happy to help.

"Having a single system used by all areas of a business seemed somewhat fictitious...

The Instagile App has enabled our business to capture and record details through all aspects of the business at a project level, providing a complete picture of the project journey.

With the complexity of our business operations, having the ability to view such information in one place has been crucial, identifying new and improved processes, providing structure, and reducing our inefficiencies."

Joel Arasi, Team Leader, Nature Play Solutions Pty Ltd

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