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Rapid  .Net  Deployment 


Legacy  System  Conversion

What It Is: Welcome
What It Is: Service

Instagile is a configurable, data-driven application.
It is like a commercial off-the-shelf business application
but has the flexibility of a custom project.

It's a bit different to anything else on the market at the moment. 

Instagile is a modern business application ready to be configured
for the data that drives your business.
The design tool is free to use for creating test applications.
Data migration and an end-user application are configured using the tool.
The C# code is also available so that the application

can be  easily extended and maintained.


Suitable for small stand-alone systems to full enterprise line-of-business solutions.

Designed to be utilised by .Net developers and business analysts alike,

months of work for a development team can be completed in just days.

Resulting applications are:

~ ready to run

~ include data migration from legacy data

~ written in .Net C# that can be readily customised by developers

~ free to test with a 3-month trial
(you only pay a licence fee once you are ready to go live)

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Using a collection of tools and components developed over many years of Microsoft project development, Instagile generates 80% of the code for any development, creating a workable solution for a user to test and configure before having to make a decision on whether to proceed with the development. This provides a low-risk purchase of a customised, modern .Net application with a saving of approximately 80% of the cost and time that a traditional development would require.

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Ideal for legacy replacement, the initial application design can be derived from an existing data source. 

Instagile can take a legacy dataset, be it small or extensive, and turn it into a modern enterprise system ready for deployment to standard Windows operating environments including cloud deployments.

Legacy data sources include, but are not limited to,
MS Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server or similar.

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Instagile can migrate data from various data sources and in multiple formats to derive a modern application with a user-friendly interface plus the ability to handle vast amounts of data. The application uses paging and virtualisation to handle large datasets. This allows for the archiving of very large quantities of data in a manner that keeps them secure and retrievable.


Instagile provides a secure, accurate and efficient means of migrating legacy data to a modern solution with minimum risk to business. High-end security is a standard feature, with encryption services available as an option for particularly sensitive systems.

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